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New recording of my new band

2014-03-02 08:46:00 by SymbolCymbal


This is a recording from our second time together. We were just doing some improv jamming. Once we have some songs written i will be posting them.

I recently formed a new band called Dorsia

2014-01-27 01:35:55 by SymbolCymbal

This is a recording from our second time together. We were just doing some improv jamming. Once we have some songs written i will be posting them.

Me Bang Drums Video

2012-06-03 19:23:36 by SymbolCymbal

Me Bang Drums Video

Supa man dat Joe

2012-05-07 14:18:56 by SymbolCymbal


Supa man dat Joe


2012-04-06 01:04:11 by SymbolCymbal




2012-01-24 00:03:49 by SymbolCymbal

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I am not offering my place to stay to any more individuals... if you live in NYC or jersey you should not plan on staying here.. I am offering this place for people to stay from out of the tri state area that cannot afford accommodations at a hotel... i have had a few people ask to stay that are from out of state and realized i cant help them because my place is full.... So im very sorry but if you can easily go home without a plain ticket or a 3 hour + train ride then i simply cant let you stay here the entire weekend..... maybe on just friday or saturday night but i am seeing it as people just want to chill here and it isn't fair to those that want to come to the meet but cant afford a hotel room.

If there are any issues with this please PM me

If you plan on staying here i have to warn you of a few things.

1. You need to bring a pillow and a blanket so you can sleep comfortably on my floor because all 4 sleeping places are taken already.

2. If you are allergic to cats or dogs DON'T COME HERE. i have 2 cats and 2 small dogs.

3. Lots of people are staying here so we all have to share ONE bathroom.

4. you will be asked (forced) to sign a binding contract that states that you agree to give me your first born. (dead or alive)

5. People will be staying here from May 3rd to May 10th if you need to stay longer or come sooner get in contact with me so ill see if i can board you up during that time ... (i do have a job yknow :3)

6. If you are under 21 NO - i will not sneak you into a bar.

7. If you have any question either PM me or PM me asking me for my phone number and well chat.

8. If you act like a dick in my apartment you WILL be duct taped and left in a closet.

9. If you are staying here LET ME KNOW. I want to accommodate everyone. So if you give me a "maybe" i will consider it a "NO" until i get a positive "YES" from you.

10. If you are an extremely sheltered child and your parents want to speak to me over the phone i have no problem talking to your parents to assure them that their child is in good hands.

11. If you are under 18 i dont recommend you stay here since we will be doing adult things. A few good examples would be; Group Orgies, drinking games, obtaining and killing hookers, chopping up dead bodies for disposal, trying not to panic, cooking Italian food, recovering hidden cameras from my shower, BBQing, jamming adrenaline needles past an unfortunate persons breast plate, trying not to panic and walking my dogs.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions hit me up.





2011-11-05 06:48:34 by SymbolCymbal




2011-07-20 00:10:22 by SymbolCymbal

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Moved to Brooklyn

2011-06-18 13:33:01 by SymbolCymbal

And i stil don't have fuckin internet at my apartment... RAGE!!!!!

Newest project idea

2011-03-12 12:46:02 by SymbolCymbal

So recently i went to the Newgrounds NYC meetup. MercatorMap stayed at my place for a few days and we had a great time hanging out.
During one of our conversations MercatorMap was talking about the time he spent overseas in the military in iraq. He had used a term that has been stuck in my head since he left.
The term is "Battle Rattle"

So my next track is going to be named "Battle Rattle" and will be inspired by that term. It's gonna be pretty brutal and epic dnb and dubstep.

I plan on recording live drums for this and also including many home recorded samples. Im going balls to the wall on this track because i have so many ideas for it. I'm putting most of my projects to the side and im going to get working on this.

All samples i record of my drum playing and other samples will be available for download in my sample request thread.